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Hey look at me! [24 Apr 2010|11:54pm]

Why yes, I can sit up!
Originally uploaded by cninety9
This sweet little baby is sitting up unsupported. This photo is of the first time she's done this for more than a few seconds (a few minutes!!) without diving head first into something fascinating on the floor. My little girl is growing up.

In past month or so, we've started experimenting with various fruit/veggie purees. She's been indifferent about most of them, but has decided that she finds bananas and sweet potatoes acceptable. :-)

She's started giving us "kisses" which really means she dives toward my face with her mouth wide open and drools/teethes on my cheek or chin. It may not sound that nice, but oh - it's the best kiss in the world.

She's perfect and wonderful.

I just deleted a long ramble-y paragraph about lingering depression and anxiety but re-reading it just made me feel that much more pathetic - especially considering how wonderful my life is right now. (see above) WTF is up with my crazy brain?
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Every girl needs a flowery sunhat [24 Apr 2010|11:55pm]

Originally uploaded by cninety9
I had to post one more photo since I really couldn't decide which one was cuter.
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