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This face

This face
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Nola is getting cuter every day. She's a few days shy of four months old (two months equivalent) and has masted eye-contact and is starting to grin and laugh. We've also started playing a new game where she sits on my lap, stares at me and we coo back and forth at each other. It's the best part of my day.

She's going through another growth spurt. It feels like I'm nursing non-stop. I get about a 15 minute break between feedings as she takes a nap on my lap, but if I move her to get up and actually do something the break is more like 5 minutes. It's all paying off though. She hit the 9 pound mark yesterday and has more than tripled her birth weight. We have a doctor's appointment on Friday and I look forward to finding out if she's jumped to a new percentile for height/weight/head circumference.

We took our first road trip with Nola for Thanksgiving to Arkansas to meet Phil's parents. She handled the traveling wonderfully and the family fell in love with her. She has many fans.
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